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ic contact for asgard eventide

Hello, this is Turlough, I'm not here, blah blah blah. Honestly, this concept of a 'greeting' is completely banal. [an overdramatic siiiiiiigh.] Anyway, leave a message and I might get back to you.
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I believe I owe you a drink.

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[Text] or just don't send me the notifs dw that's fine

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I confess I haven't done much exploring outside of the Freyr and Loki district, so -- wherever you would like to meet is fine.
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I suppose, but it will take me time to get there.
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Oh, I'm certain it will be you, but you can go ahead and make it a competition if you like.
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Of course.

ooc; offline? :)
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We can log it if you want! Would you like to set it up? :)
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A gift

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[A small box appears on Turlough's pillow overnight, and it contains this: a study, elegant-looking pocket watch with this symbol engraved on the inside of the lid.

It also comes with a note.]

Though I could not accept, your invitation was kind and appreciated.
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[In honor of the Earth holiday centering on love, Freya sends out a little gift around this time.

A small box containing a piece of chocolate will appear on your pillow during the day. When consumed, the chocolate’s magic will lift your mood for a short period of time. It’s accompanied by a note.]

Where love might bring about sorrow, it also welcomes joy.
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backdated to Day 400

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[ In honour of the god centering on love being a giant frilly prissypants, Loki sends his own little gift just a few hours after hers.

His box of chocolate will look, smell, and taste exactly like Freya's did, appearing right next to where Freya's was or is if you haven't picked it up yet. The only difference between the two is that Loki's won't lift your mood; it'll give you loud and embarrassing flatulence for the next three hours.

It's also accompanied by a note. ]

Where joy might bring about yearning, it also welcomes wonder.