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Turlough ([personal profile] failassassin) wrote2013-12-06 12:19 pm

permissions post

normal permissions
backtagging: do itttt. also, if I accidentally drop a backtagged thread or something like that, feel free to pm me!
threadjacking: go for it! However, if the threadjack gets too long, I will ask you to move it to a different post as oh lord, my inbox.
fourthwalling: go for it! Turlough won't believe you. :P
offensive subjects: I don't have any triggers (just don't be a douche), though I will email/pm people if the thread gets out of my comfort zone.

asgard permissions
house permissions: I will always ask before Turlough uses his power on a pc, as he's in Hel and he has Body Control. Turlough finds it quite skeevy and won't use it willy-nilly, but he will use it in a pinch.
flirting with this character: go for it. He'll blush at first, but then flirt back.
kissing this character: again, go for it!
injuring/killing this character: ask me first. While I'm fine with minor injuries (Turlough getting punched or slapped), talk me me before any major injuries happen.