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OOC Information;
Name; Kates
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Contact; kamikazescot @ plurk
Other Characters; Owen Burnett ([personal profile] servesthehuman)
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IC Information;
Character Name; Vislor Turlough (it is the dumbest first name in the history of Doctor Who-and this is the show that has a Perpugilliam)
Canon; Doctor Who
Canon Point; "The Five Doctors."
Age; Early to mid twenties.

House; Hel. Turlough's had his life steeped in war (specifically the Trion civil war, which is why he was exiled to Earth) and spent a fair amount of time on his journey trying to kill the Doctor because the Black Guardian told him to.
Power; Body Control.

Personality; In one word: Turlough is bitchy. He's hilariously catty and definitely one of the more snarkier people you will meet. He'll respond to quips and queries with sarcastic jabs and attacks. When he gets angry, it's in a piercing snippy kind of tone. Even in a tough situation, Turlough is usually able to come back with a sharp retort or a snarky comment. He carelessly flouts authority (or at least authority he doesn't care about) and sulks a lot, often flouncing and pouting when things aren't going right.

Turlough is very dependent. He spends most of the early episodes talking to his rock, waiting for the Black Guardian to tell him what to do. Also, he depends on the Doctor a lot to save him from a mess he probably got in himself. While Turlough tries to be aloof, mysterious and his own man, it's obvious that he would horrifically fail if he was left on his own for too long. Partly because he's simply not as capable as others, but partly because he's a bit of a drama queen. Whenever he's told to kill the Doctor, Turlough angsts. A lot. In slightly over the top ways. When angsting, he's a bit hysterical in the same way that polar bears are a bit white. Turlough usually defaults to yelling when the situation calls for it.

He doesn't have that much self-confidence. Turlough describes himself as a coward and, indeed, often takes the cowardly route out of problems. He often runs away from danger-Nyssa remarks that he has 'the speed of a gazelle' when his life is in danger. He's got a pretty high instinct of self-preservation. He has a survivalist attitude, wanting to save himself before others. He's fine if others get threatened-if you really want him to do something, threaten him directly. He does everything for his own well-being, not really caring about anyone else...or so he says. Secretly, he does care. Turlough cares a lot for the Doctor and Tegan, not wanting either of them to get hurt. Also, he hates admitting his cowardice, he tries to justify his actions whenever possible.

He's a bit of a fatalist. When the Doctor falls into waist high water and doesn't get up, Turlough instantly assumes that he's drowned. He jumps over the side of a ship when the Black Guardian tells Turlough that he's failed him. It seems that whenever there's a chance of death, Turlough quickly assumes that people will die. He never worries about civilians or reassures Tegan that 'they'll be okay'. Nope, total pessimist here. They're all dead. Oh well, can we go to another planet now?

Turlough isn't human, a factor which plays into his personality a lot. He's disdainful of Earth and human culture-when he understands it, that is. Humans confuse Turlough a good chunk of the time-he responds to confusion with his normal method: sarcasm and little quips. While it's obvious that he isn't human, it's hard figuring out what exactly he is. The writers Turlough prefers his past to be as mysterious as possible. He'll be vague and fudge some details if it gets people off his case. He never talks about home, he never brings it up. Getting to learn some of his backstory would be very impressive. However, despite his antipathy towards Earth, he doesn't want to go home. Being an exile has done a lot to Turlough. He desperately tries to avoid his own people, even to the point of destroying a piece of technology. He only accepted the Black Guardian's offer out of sheer desperation. Once he starts traveling with the Doctor, Turlough realizes that he doesn't want to go home: traveling is much better for him.

He's pretty shifty. Turlough lies through his teeth whenever needed-and he's a fairly good liar. He's able to convince and charm most people, with a few exceptions (the Brigadier, Tegan). He never let anyone see what he's thinking. Turlough will rather sit, brood and think then talk about his feelings. Because of his shiftiness and closed off nature, Turlough is convinced that nobody likes him. He feels that everybody else has a low opinion of himself. Mark Strickson (his actor) called him in a commentary "Turlough No-Friends" which really isn't that far from the truth. To be honest, some people in canon DO like him...but it takes them forever to do so, partly because of his prickly demeanor, partly of his stand-off nature and partly because he's just so sarcastic and so bitter towards everybody. He's a piece of work. When he finally makes friends, he will continue being sarcastic, prickly, and shifty...but eventually he can be worked down and can have moments of pure genuineness.

On a completely different note, he has an astonishingly dubious fashion sense, as the only thing he's seen wearing in canon that ISN'T his old school uniform is a white shirt and pair of short shorts. Reeeeeally short shorts.

Network Sample; [Turlough is trying his hardest to not to be blatantly pouting. However, he will be whining.]

Is this place always this...intense? [There is some villager trying to force some food on him because dude, just try this. Turlough wrinkles his nose slightly, trying to not seem like a total bitch.]

I thought we were here to help fight a war. [and you can note by his hesitance just how unsure of that Turlough is.] Why are we sitting around bobbing for apples and having [now his tone takes on a tone of horror] costume contests?

[He really doesn't want to a costume contest you guys. He siiiighs, crossing his arms over his chest.] On another note, apparently I need a costume for trick-or-treating. Any suggestions?

Log Sample; already ingame!