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thread tracker for asgard

march 2014
log: Welcome to Asgard! (Darcy)
log: Fun in Funeral (Ame, Irving, Katie, Four)
thread: What To Do (Roxy)
log: Curses Suck (Alice, Four, Eleven, Annie)

february 2014
thread: Spider Saga (Moriarty)
log: Fuck You Rain (Jason)
▸ post: Dating 101
log: Ice Skating Sucks (Jack)
log: Petrificus Blah Blah Blah (Effie, Master)
ic: Gift and Tell (Eleven)
thread: Spider Saga Pt. 2 (Moriarty)

january 2014
thread: Demons What (Fiona)
▸ log: A Friend In Need
--Secrets on the Train (Irving)
--Go Team Go (Claudia)
--Turlough in Alfheim (Mikazuki, Ame, Billy, Souji, Elphaba)
▸ log: Baby Dogs (Elizabeth)
▸ thread: Bigger Dogs (Rory)
▸ ic: Turlough Accosts ALL the Doctors (Eleven, Eight, Six, Two)

december 2013
▸ thread: Tiny Dogs (Alice)
▸ log: Christmas: Leaving the Party (Irving)
▸ log: Christmas: Nicking Food (Eight, Two)
▸ log: Christmas: Nicking Fingers (Charley, Sarah Jane)
▸ log: Christmas: About Mittens (Jamie)
▸ thread: Sans Ten (Rose)
▸ ic: The World's Most Awkward Conversation (Eleven)
▸ log: Booze It Up (Clara)
▸ ic: Explanations Plz (War Doc)
▸ thread: Winter Fun (TARDIS) plus the cast shitstorm in that post also
▸ log: Booze It Up (Effie)
▸ thread: Doctor Nicknames (Souji, Alice, Eleven, Clara)
▸ log: Timelines Suck (Two)
▸ log: Newbies 101 (Effie)

november 2013
▸ log: Giants Suck (TARDIS)
▸ log: Giants Suck Pt. 2 (Jane, Eight)
▸ thread: Fondue Side-Quest (Brittany)
▸ log: Tea Time (Ril)
▸ thread: Turlough No-Friends (Kaworu)
▸ thread: What Happens at Hippy Camp... (Samantha)

october 2013
▸ log: Walk and Talk (Clara)
▸ log: Camping 101 (Fiona, Ryan, Brax, Eleventh Doctor)
▸ log: Dance With Somebody (Fiona, Ril)
▸ thread: About Parks (Ame)
▸ log: Dance the Night Away (Fiona)
▸ log: Skating Sucks (TARDIS, Jack Frost)
▸ log: Manners 101 (John)
▸ log: Welcome to Asgard! (Ril, Jack Harkness, Jamie, TARDIS, Eleventh Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Eighth Doctor)