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giant doctor who canon voltron

because sometimes you need a resource.

Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma
➡ He can fly a spaceship!
➡ Something about science
➡ I don't want to reread this book. :(

➡ Turlough thinks cricket is stupid.

➡ Turlough hates the cold. which, kind of makes sense, since Trion has volcanos and snakes. It's probably a tropical planet.
➡ "You're so cold and remote, you're so inhuman, you've forgotten how to feel pain and passion. I'm more human than you'll ever be! Look! Look in my mind and see it! All the friends I've lost, torn from my homeworld, my family. All the pain and traumas, the murder and destruction I've seen! Come on, share it with me!" that is a good line
➡ "I did that for my own sake as well as yours. I was saving myself."

The Cradle of the Snake
➡ Apparently Trion has lots of snakes!

➡ This isn't the first time the Doctor's barged into Turlough's room without knocking.
➡ "I recalled my mother telling me I was impetuous, I never thought things through."
➡ "At that moment, I didn't care about the Black Guardian. The worst thing I could think of was Tegan's smugness and the Doctor's silence."
➡ Turlough does NOT DO WELL IN ARIZONA, mostly because of the dust and oppressive heat. He's thankful for the Stetson though, even if he thinks it looks stupid.
➡ "A small hunched shape appeared to be barreling out of the darkness towards me. Frantically, I tried to recall what I had learned about Earth fauna. Could this be a bear or wolf or some sort of wild cat?" Turns out it's an alien that looks like a small old man, how the fuck do you confuse that for a bear, even in the darkness, you idiot.
➡ Trion has interplanetary travel or at least interplanetary knowledge: Turlough recognizes a species of aquatic snakes (Cyvac (idk how to spell it)) native to a planet near Trion.
➡ Turlough drinks enough to wonder if he's tipsy. GOOD JOB, BUDDY.
➡ Mark Strickson CANNOT DO an American accent, bless his heart.